Our Project

In a dynamic and global market which characterizes the world of soccer today, Energy Soccer presents itself as a proactive partner for clubs, players, coaches and all other professionals in what is considered the king of all sports in many countries.

With a top, highly skilled team, as well as through established partnerships with a wide network of international connections, Energy Soccer is now prepared to meet the requirements of players and clubs in the most demanding areas of professional soccer, from which we highlight the following:


  • Sports management;
  • Personalized support;
  • Legal advisement;
  • Sports marketing;
  • Sponsorship;
  • Tax advisement;
  • Medical/Clinical support;


  • Sports planning;
  • Project finance;
  • Scouting;
  • Technical reports;
  • Marketing;
  • Protocol advisement;
  • Sponsorship
  • Media advisement;

Sports Agents

  • Strategic partnerships;
  • Technical advice;
  • Local monitoring;
  • Legal support;


Energy Soccer presents itself as a complete global soccer parter!


FPF Official Player Agent

Pedro Pinho

Graduate in Economics, with extensive business and sports experience, Pedro is one of the people responsible for the overall management and monitoring of our assets.

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Ricardo Matos

Degree in Communication Sciences and MBA in Hotel Management and Tourism, Ricardo is responsible for the administrative area.

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Francisco Matos

Soccer coach, graduate in Physical Education with a Master in High Performance Coaching, he is in charge of scouting.

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Hugo Amorim

Graduate in Economics, experienced in the areas of financial management and direction, Hugo is in charge of the financial area of the company.

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